Importing your product from overseas can be a scary and challenging proposition. We often get many questions as we assist our clients in determining if outsourcing their products or pieces of their assemblies makes sense in an effort to find better margins and/or lower costs to allow them to meet competitive pressures to maintain or gain marketshare.

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What is the payment process? Do I have to pay in foreign currency?

No, all transactions with Marketplace are done in US currency. Therefore, the worry with exchange rates and purchasing foreign currency are removed from the table.

Are there independent inspection companies and factory audits that are available?

Yes, Marketplace uses 3rd party inspection companies that are US owned & operated with American managers and very experienced and trained local inspectors to lower the risks involved in importing.

How do I know what regulations are required to import my product into the United States or Canada?

Marketplace works with many freight forwarders and customs brokers to ensure proper classifications of your products and that your products meet any requirements required by the country of import.

How do I know the quality of the goods produced and if the goods are in compliance with the laws of my country?

Marketplace has internal inspectors that review and inspect our goods through the production process and at the end of production we employ a 3rd party inspection service which is based in the United States with US trained managers who understand the standards of the North American markets and who oversee inspectors/auditors whom review your production based on standards and samples provided.

How do I get finished goods to my warehouse in the United States?

Marketplace works with many streamlines and freight forwarders. We take the headache out of moving your cargo with our experienced importing team. From documentation preparation to filing customs documentation to booking your cargo whether via air, sea or LCL or FCL, we have all of your transportation needs taken care of by our team of professionals.

What are lead times for prototypes, production tooling and production?

Lead times for prototypes, based on the difficulty and size usually take approximately 14 to 30 days. From the receipt of the prototype and confirmation to the beginning of producing the production tooling takes 30 days. Upon the completion of tooling and testing, production takes approximately 30 to 45 days based on the quantity of the order.

What are the MOQ's for orders? I have heard they are very high and require full container loads(FCL)?

This couldn't be further from the truth. Most factories in China are very respective of importers needs to keep inventory at a minimum level and work with you to keep the MOQ's as low as possible. While it is understood by both parties that the lower the level of production some costs will be marginally higher due to lost economies of scale.

Do I need to meet with factory owners and production managers?

It is not required to meet with factory owners or managers. Our local team meets with our client's factories for weekly production meetings and preliminary inspections. However, if you ever want to go to the factory during the production of your product or at the completion, our team will escort you there and help with all communications.

What are the advantages of using Marketplace Innovations and how do they represent me to factories?

Marketplace has the cross-cultural knowledge to do business across Asia, an existing repertoire of reliable suppliers, and 15 years of cost-effective China sourcing experience. We streamlined the sourcing process. With constant access to multiple factories, we professionally coordinate your orders. We can locate a custom manufacturer that will work with a variety of order quantities.

How do I determine if I can import my product from off-shore and what are the steps required to get started?

Determining if outsourcing and importing is right for you is very easy. Just send our experienced team an inquiry and our team will determine a time to sit down with you and develop a better understanding of your product, challenges and the potential opportunities and advantages of importing.